ENV’s latest PSA encourages action from the public in tackling wildlife crime

Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) released its latest Public Service Announcement (PSA), “Reporting to the ENV Hotline: 1800-1522”. It is an animation, beginning with a member of a public seeing live wildlife illegally in captivity, and ending with the animal being safely relocated to a sanctuary.

An ENV Case Officer receives the report

In this informative film, we observe each step involved in receiving a wildlife crime report, especially highlighting the role that the public has in rescuing hundreds of animals and tackling thousands of wildlife crimes every year. It opens with a young woman, going about her day riding on her scooter, when she notices a bird chained up outside a café and stops in her tracks. The bird looks distressed at being held captive and unable to fly. She takes a photo and contacts the ENV Hotline by calling 1800-1522.

From this scene, a chain of events is initiated, ultimately facilitating the bird’s rescue. The ENV case officer receiving the call then contacts the relevant authorities, who go and check the site, subsequently confiscating the bird and issuing the violator with the appropriate punishment. His violation is, ‘Illegally keeping birds of prey in captivity”. The informant then receives a call back from the case officer to confirm that the bird has been rescued.

This is a standard blueprint for all wildlife crime cases received by ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit, of which there are an average of 10 reports made each day. Just last year, there were 2,448 wildlife crimes reported to the hotline, resulting in the confiscation of 929 live wild animals. The public play such a vital role in our operations, and this PSA strives to inform an ever-widening audience of the exact process involved in reporting wildlife crimes. It’s a simple premise, because the process of reporting wildlife crimes is simple.

The Forest Protection Department seizes the raptor

“We are encouraged by the number of people who already report to our hotline and we always expect timely actions from law enforcement when we share information provided by the public,” says Nguyen Phuong Dung, ENV’s Vice Director. “There is great importance placed upon the public and the authorities in this process, since acting in a timely manner allows us to handle more reports and rescue more animals from the illegal wildlife trade.”

This PSA will be aired upon 50-60 national TV channels, as well as being distributed through multiple social media channels. It marks ENV’s 48th PSA, one in a long line of films aiming to communicate the contributions the public can make in ending the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam by making reports and not buying, selling, advertising, possessing or consuming wildlife.

It closes with the statement: “Protect wildlife with just one free call”, encouraging the public to do one small action and produce much greater consequences for wildlife.

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