Become a Wildlife Ambassador

Changing the world has never been easier!

With the sixth mass extinction already underway, humans must act NOW to stop extinction rates from accelerating even more. Currently, scientists estimate species are dying 1,000 times faster than what is natural. The easiest and most effective way for you to take action against extinction is to garner support for wildlife conservation from your friends, family, and community.

Each new Wildlife Ambassador moves the world one step closer to a sustainable future and has direct impact on wildlife protection in Vietnam. Wildlife Ambassadors understand the monumental effects their efforts will have on wildlife and humans worldwide, which is the key motivating factor for these uniquely determined individuals. A Wildlife Ambassador can be anyone who wants to make a lasting impact on Earth’s biodiversity, adults and youth alike.

Fundraising can be fun and creative events, activities, or online campaigns. We found some great fundraising ideas here to get you started! If you already have a fundraising idea or are about to hold an event and would like to donate the proceeds, please let us know by emailing!