Help our sister organization, ENV, fight the illegal wildlife trade and rescue endangered species from extinction.

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ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the United States, rendering your donation tax deductible.
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As ENV’s sister organization, ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust directly supports ENV’s on-the-ground efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. Your donation will:

  • Rescue wildlife from the wildlife trade: The Wildlife Crime Unit responds to publicly reported wildlife crimes by answering calls and emails, mobilizing law enforcement authorities to physically confiscate live wild animals and wildlife products, then tracking results of the case in ENV’s Wildlife Crime Database. Operating the Wildlife Crime Hotline and keeping the Wildlife Crime Unit functioning with dedicated Case Officers who work to rescue live animals from restaurants and traffickers is vital to ensuring law enforcement in Vietnam protects wildlife according to the law.
  • Change public opinion: The wildlife trade continues to flourish due to lack of education. ENV understands the root of the problem must be addressed to effectively end wildlife consumption and trade. To change public opinion and reduce demand for wildlife, ENV hosts public awareness events and campaigns in town squares, schools, universities, city markets, as well as through social media, TV, and radio. ENV team members who organize and carry out these activities to influence attitudes and reduce consumer demand for wildlife are critical to the long term elimination of the wildlife trade.

  • Support a major species campaigns: Five major species are most prevalent in wildlife trafficking operations in Vietnam. Tigers, rhinos, bears, pangolins, and marine turtles are facing extinction at alarming rates due to wide scale demand and supply. With your help, ENV is able to implement specific public and viral campaigns, Public Service Announcements, educational material, and investigations into the trade of these five major species to protect them from extinction. 

  • Support wildlife at Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center: As a government funded, owned, and operated rescue center, Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center needs help to make necessary improvements on the animal enclosures. More specifically, they need to be expanded and upgraded to enhance the quality of life for the animals that live there. By donating to this cause, you are directly helping animals that have been rescued from the wildlife trade gain a comfortable and adequately spaced living situation.

  • Improve wildlife laws in Vietnam: Without laws in place to protect wildlife, there is no crime for police to act on. ENV’s Policy & Legislation team is actively working with environmental protection ministries within the Vietnamese government to improve existing laws and enact new laws that sufficiently protect wildlife. ENV’s 2020 Campaign supports the Policy & Legislation team in their daily efforts to make real change in Vietnam’s wildlife protection legislation.a


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