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We are fighting back against the illegal wildlife trade and making great progress. But together we could do more. So please join forces with us to help save more animals and work to keep wildlife in nature where it belongs. Your donation will have a lasting impact by altering the cruel fate of some of these unfortunate animals, giving them a second chance at life, and helping us tip the balance in our efforts to protect wildlife.

Act now. Donate today before it is too late!caged langurs in Kon Tum, Vietnam being rescued by local Forest Protection Department officer

  • $50 will rescue a macaque, loris, leopard cat, or other live animal reported to ENV by the public. ENV will ensure that the animal is either released back into the wild or transferred to a rescue center.
  • $100 helps support the operation of ENV’s national Wildlife Crime Hotline through which the public reports wildlife crimes. ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit receives about three new cases each day. Since 2005, 17,000 cases have been handled by the crime unit resulting in the confiscation of thousands of animals, closure of markets, and compliance by restaurants and other businesses that no longer sell wildlife.
  • $150 will support the ENV Rapid Response Team to assist police on location in cases involving live bears, tigers, or seizures of animals like pangolins. The response team facilitates the transfer of animals to appropriate rescue centers.
  • $1,000 supports one ENV “Outpost” for a year. Each outpost is composed of volunteers who are recruited and trained to monitor restaurants and markets, report violations, and host local awareness activities urging the public not to consume wildlife. ENV Outposts are currently active in 17 cities throughout Vietnam.

Every dollar counts when it comes to rescuing endangered animals from the illegal wildlife trade.