2018 successes

As of May 2019, farmed bear numbers in Vietnam slumped to approximately 700 on the back of our ongoing campaign of persuasion to get bear farmers to call it a day. This year alone there has been 18 bear transfers to rescue centers, bringing the total number of bear farm-free provinces to 26. We will not quit until the number of bear farms in Vietnam is zero.

bile bear in a cage

In addition to ongoing campaigns to end bear farming and protect endangered tigers, rhinos and elephants, we also operate a toll-free wildlife crime hotline to enable members of the public and our network of 7,500 volunteers across Vietnam to report violations involving endangered animals. This has proved highly effective in removing protected wildlife from illegal captivity and an uncertain fate.

We work hand-in-hand with the local authorities to ensure they act on our intelligence, remove to a rescue center, or release, endangered wildlife, and enforce the law to its fullest extent.

Among our most recent rescues are:

174 turtles from a pagoda. They were subsequently released back into nature after a chance visit to the pagoda in southern Vietnam by an ENV volunteer.

The recovery of two highly rare Owstons’ civets in a sting operation with the local authorities. Following a tip-off from an ENV volunteer we ‘played’ a Facebook illegal wildlife seller for a month to gain his trust before engineering him into meeting up with our buyer, an undercover cop.

The civets are now in the Carnivore and Pangolins Conservation Program rescue center at Cuc Phuong National Park.

A proactive trawl of the internet by our wildlife crime unit uncovered a Hawksbill turtle for sale online. As usual, greed won over caution and the illegal wildlife seller walked straight into our trap, unwittingly taking our buyer, an undercover cop, to his home to inspect the turtle. The 11kg turtle was subsequently released back to sea.

Please note this is a very small sample of our successes. These highlighted cases all occurred in a single month! Our dedicated wildlife crime team are patient and persistent. They are a remarkable bunch fighting each day for wildlife…and winning.

Join ENV on the journey to give wildlife a better chance of life in 2019 and beyond. Your generosity this festive season will have an impact. Every donation brings us a little closer to handing the world over to the next generation with wildlife in the wild, not consigned to history books. Together we can make it happen.