The Gift of Peace to Live in Nature Appeal

APPEAL:  ENV has been championing endangered wildlife in Vietnam for 18 years. In that time, we have forged collaborative working relationships with law makers, law enforcement agencies and the public to fight the illegal wildlife trade and rescue endangered wildlife.

Together we have disrupted major criminal networks and:

X   brought down marine turtle kingpin, Hoang Tuan Hai who was sentenced to 4.5 years in jail;

X  supplied intelligence that assisted in the prosecution and imprisonment of rhino horn smuggler, Nguyen Mau Chien;

X  navigated ENV’s recommendations into Vietnam’s revised Penal Code;

X  reduced the number of captive bears on Vietnamese bear bile farms from a high of 4,200 in 2005 to approximately 800 today;

X  closed down an entire bear bile tourism industry in Quang Ninh province;

X  oversaw a record 23 provinces become bear farm-free;

X  shut down the notorious illegal wildlife market in Dong Xuan; and

X  after two years of investigation and evidence gathering brought infamous illegal wildlife internet trader, Phan Huynh Anh Khoa to justice, ending his devastation of endangered species and ensuring he received a stiff five-year prison sentence.

All of this – and more – has only been possible through partnership working, especially with the public and ENV’s small army of volunteers the length of Vietnam reporting wildlife crime to our toll-free hotline, which to date has dealt with over 17,000 cases and rescued thousands of protected animals from the illegal wildlife trade.

Our track record is one of getting stuff done on the ground in Vietnam since 2000. We are results-driven and always put wildlife first, ensuring the best possible outcome. However, all this takes time, energy and resources. We are, therefore, asking you today – this season of giving – to donate to ENV and give wildlife the chance it deserves to thrive in nature where it belongs.

As a non-profit organization we rely completely on donations from external sources and concerned members of the public like you. Whether on your own behalf or as a meaningful festive gift for a loved one, your donation will make a difference and help ensure some of the world’s most iconic species are saved from extinction.

 or via our GoFundMe appeal page if you prefer

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