Our Mission

The ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust (ENV USA) was established in 2014 to strengthen efforts to reduce consumption and end the illegal wildlife. Our mission is to foster a greater understanding for conservation of endangered species through partnerships with local stakeholders, and provision of expertise in support of initiatives aimed at protecting endangered wildlife.

ENV USA is a sister organization of Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), Vietnam’s first non-governmental organization focused on the protection of nature and conservation of wildlife.

Strategic Programs

To effectively achieve our mission to end the illegal wildlife trade, ENV USA does the following:

– Facilitate opportunities for US and other international students to work in partnership with local stakeholders in Asia on specific conservation projects and activities that will directly benefit wildlife protection efforts.

– Provide expertise to local stakeholders in Asia in the areas of demand reduction, enforcement, and legislative and policy issues.

– Promote efforts to protect wildlife in Asia among US and international audiences.

– Support activities aimed at reducing wildlife consumption and trade in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Why do we do this?

Illegal wildlife trafficking is the fourth most lucrative global crime after drugs, humans, and weapons trafficking. Many conservation organizations are currently working to address the international demand and destruction of Earth’s biodiversity. However, only a few have efforts on the ground truly making a difference. Our team is proud to be among those few, with 20 years of frontline experience and continuous progress made to reduce the demand and supply of the wildlife trade. We are strongly committed to our mission and will not rest until wildlife conservation is fully recognized by countries and individuals alike.